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This online workshop is for Vulva owners only.

Does your body freeze and contract when your partner/lover initiates sexual intimacy?
Are you feeling frustrated with your current experience - pain, discomfort or lack of sensation?
Are you feeling bored with clitoral orgasms and curious to explore something deeper, more expansive and fulfilling?
Are you longing for deeper pleasure and intimacy with your lover/partner and feeling awkward about how to approach this?

If this is you - I get it, I've been there too.

Penetrative sex use to be painful, uncomfortable, and incredibly frustrating for me. Embarrassing to share but it’s the truth. So you know you’re not alone.

Clitoral pleasure was fine but deep vaginal/womb pleasure was just too painful and frustrating. Trying all the known techniques with no success and not wanting to believe that I’d have to live with these limitations.

Throughout years of curiosity, experience, and study, I discovered that Pain and Lack of Sensation are common.
Common but NOT Normal 💡

There’s not always a reason for why our bodies do this, although it has been linked to past painful intercourse, trauma, and a history of stress. Many who experience pain or lack of sensation, are super fit dancers, yogi’s, and gym junkies, some lead super busy lifestyles, and some have experienced trauma. Trauma doesn’t have to have come from past sexual abuse or painful intercourse. If you’ve ever had a great love making session and the next day you’ve been in enough pain to put you off penetrative sex for a few days or more, this is enough to affect your vulva in many ways.

Your healing during this time involves the vaginal walls and opening forming scar tissue. This is a natural and normal part of healing. Tissues within the body stick (adhere) to other internal surfaces or tissue. Adhesions form as the body attempts to heal itself. This is a normal response. Adhesions block the flow of blood, nutrients and life force, and this often affects feeling and sensation.

Your vulva's experience and your body's responses, patterns and programs of contraction can all be restored to healthy, normal, open, and relaxed, with full sensation, and I want to show you how - simply and effectively!

G-crest, A-spot, Vaginal and Cervical Orgasms are possible!

This workshop will help you discover these for yourself, you don't need to have a partner/lover. You will gain all that you need to confidently share and explore with a partner/lover if/when you choose.

Life guided me to this work for my own embodied healing, and this naturally inspired passion, and desire, to study Somatic Sexology and Sexological Bodywork to become certified to share this incredible work with others. I’m very passionate about helping others access deeper levels of pleasure and orgasmicity.

Your sexual satisfaction is not only important but an absolute necessity. Especially when it comes to feeling confident, empowered, creative, healthy, radiant, having a positive outlook, and being a magnet for your dreams and desires.

I’m your sister and friend, I’ve had the opportunity to figure this out for my own healing, and I have the training and experience to share this with you. You can have deep and expansive pleasure too - it is possible!

Being an online workshop via Zoom, there is the added element of choice whether you would like to be on-screen or off-screen at times.
There’ll be no onscreen nudity whatsoever. I have props and will be screen sharing images to deliver the presentation.


Arrive with your mug of cacao (hot chocolate), coffee, favourite cup of tea and your Ugg boots (depending on where in the world you're located), settle in and get comfy for relaxed learning. Bring a pen and paper if you like to take notes, however this isn't necessary as you'll receive a recording of the zoom video call to watch again and again.

We'll be exploring:
- Consent: Embodying NO and Enthusiastic YES
- What is Vaginismus?
- Vulva Mapping: Sensation and Pleasure
- De-armouring
- Scar tissue remediation
- Expanding beyond clitoral orgasm
- G-crest, A-spot and Cervical Orgasm
- Orgasmic Saturation
- Self Pleasure Vs Intimacy with Partner/Lover
- Empowered Communication

If you’re unable to join us on Saturday you’ll be sent the link for the recording.


Homework will be sent via email for integrating the Somatic Practices throughout the week.

We then have a Q&A follow up zoom call on Friday 5th June, 730pm (AEST).

Price: $50AUD
$40 for Illuminate participants

To Register:
1. Please email me your name and intention to join.

2. Direct transfer-
Kate Alderman
BSB 105-103
Acc 381923840


National time conversion:
1:30PM-2:45PM Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
1PM-2:15PM Adelaide, Darwin
11:30AM-12:45PM Perth

International time conversion: