"It's only at the edge, that you have the GREATEST VIEW... a view of all your POSSIBILITIES...and where you will feel most ECSTATICALLY ALIVE"


- Conscious Relationships, Sacred Sexuality, Masculine and Feminine Dynamics, Shadow work, Dark and Light polarity and more...

We all have different *edges*... the shapes we have created in our forms are ALL unique and different. Informed by the history of our past, the stories we carry and by the culture in which we were raised.

Ancestral lineage. Family culture. Community expectations. National identity. Generational identity.

We become Consciously AND Sub-consciously moulded. In our minds. In our bodies. In our hearts.

Mostly, this happened TO us. We didn't 'choose' this.

And even though we have these edges ... many of us try to keep well away from them. Survival. Hiding in 'comfort'. Distracted.


Afraid to face the edge. Unknowingly confined by them. Living life CONTRACTED and CONSTRAINED.

Yet always wondering...

*WHO* am I?

can there be *MORE*?

What if we were given a safe place to explore some of those edges?

To FEEL them.... and then be LOVINGLY INVITED to EXPAND them?

Kate Alderman Somatic Sexologist Gold Co

What would it be like?

To begin to feel TRUE FREEDOM?

To come back to your own INNOCENT NATURE?

To create a NEW understanding of WHO YOU ARE?


YOU are INVITED RIGHT NOW to find it within yourself to EXPAND YOUR EDGES!

IF NOT NOW.... **WHEN?**


What is the edge?


......the edge is an extended weekend residential COLLABORATION from a PASSIONATE team, dedicated to sharing different aspects of DEEP EMBODIMENT, the SACRED ARTS and CONSCIOUSNESS. This will provide you with the OPPORTUNITY to face your EDGE and change your relationship with your SELF...

...the edge is non-judgemental space for all humans 18+, of all gender identities, of all relationship statuses and styles, and is drug and alcohol-free.

8+ Different transformation workshops are offered by our powerful collaborators to lovingly guide you to explore different edges of yourself.



The Retreat is a three day, three night residential retreat held at Camp Dzintari with an amazing view overlooking the ocean.

You will be supplied dorm accommodation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

The will be gender assigned dorms, as well as a mixed dorm arrangement.

Preferences will be ascertained closer to the date.

Special arrangements can be considered upon request.



The retreat is fully catered with delicious VEGETARIAN/VEGAN/GLUTEN FREE/ORGANIC WHERE POSSIBLE food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Saturday Lunch - Monday Lunch.

The food will be prepared by our amazing Temple Keeper, who will the food with deep love and intention in order to support your journey.

If you feel REQUIRED to have other foods, feel free to bring them to nourish yourself your way.

If you have other specific requirements, please let us know.

Love from the edge.

** $590 Early bird or reduced price for previous participants.

** $690 all-inclusive accommodation and amazing food.

Feel free to call or message

Kevin Chan

for any details:




Please note: due to the sensitive and intimate nature of the content of the retreat, agreements around personal responsibility and conduct are conditional upon you attending.

The retreat is 18+.

All tickets are fully refundable if due to a COVID-related cancellation of the event, otherwise, deposits are NOT refundable (but may be credited to future VOID SPACE events). Payment plans are negotiable.