“Thank you Kate for what you do, it is important work that requires courage. I feel much lighter after our session, less bound up in mental constructs, and feeling more free to enjoy my sexuality without judging it.” - PA

"It gives me great pleasure to be writing this testimonial for Kate Alderman and somatic sexology. After one session it has truly changed me for ever. I have resolved a life long fear, and now understand how it came about, I can now move on, which is fantastic. I thought I was a very sexual person, but Kate has shown me how to explode my sexual side with no limits, beyond the stars! As such I now have a new and very enjoyable hobby, which I am looking forward to develop. So please go see Kate, I promise, you will learn so much and have a great time at the same time." JH 57

"Firstly, let me say, WOW is an understatement. Afterwards, I went for a walk with my dog and it seemed to me that I was walking with purpose, just meandering along totally enjoying the world when I was surrounded by a corridor of butterflies, and I thought to myself - This is the best day of my life so far. Thank you, there is a lot more I could say and will when I see you next." MD 55

“I have learnt so much from you. I appreciate your calm and down to earth approach. I admire your courage in taking on this taboo subject and trying to really help people.” CW

"Thanks for the session, I was great for me to move forward, much better than relying on medication. I am thinking it will provide a better connection for me. Thanks again." LP

​“When I first came to see you I was all over the shop. You ignited what was already within me. I feel so much more confident now when connecting with others. I even feel turned on and attracted to myself.” JH

"Sooooo Today was beyond amazing...... Thankyou! Truely unique and gifted being. Thankyou!" MG 38

"I felt very comfortable with you, you're very professional." DM

"Thank you that was one of the best healings I've ever had." T

“It was a really big step coming to see you. It was really empowering learning about my body and that touch isn’t always sexual but can be as well. I’m now listening to my body and what it is telling me, what I like and don’t like. It feels like unlearning to relearn about my body and my sexual body. Also I wanted to say thank you for helping me empower myself as a mum and woman to find my sexy again. You helped show me and my husband how to connect and communicate. Thank you for showing me how we can empower and teach our daughter about her body and how to embrace herself, we were never taught about this. It was life changing learning about the four touch elements and how we can use them. The grounding touch was like resetting my body, calming it down. I wish I came to see you earlier!” TM 36

"Kate is a natural and intuitive healer who is able to create an environment to guide you through an emotional journey which allows you to safely explore, learn and experience desire, pleasure and sexual function without fear of judgment or expectations. By exploring the erotic body in Somatic Sexology sessions with Kate I have opened the door to a deeper emotional experience by becoming more aware of what my body and mind needs and wants in a space that is safe to ask. Somatic Sexology sessions with Kate allow you to experience pleasure on a new level. The Somatic Sexology sessions also open the door to connect with other emotions such as fear, love, sadness and curiosity in everyday life. This is because the erotic experience is so powerful and emotive it gives you both the permission and motivation to explore, and engage more deeply across the breadth of the human emotional experience." PT

"Kate's warm and loving energy made me feel at ease. Due to past sexual trauma any kind of work relating to sex causes a lot of anxiety, fear and can trigger ptsd so I tend to avoid it. I’ve been wanting help in this area for so long but didn't feel ready. Although I was quite anxious, she helped me calm down quickly by doing a breathing exercise. She made it clear from the start and through out our session that we were only going to do what my body felt comfortable doing. My session included letting go of shame of being naked (by getting naked in a de-robing ritual), getting up close and personal with my Yoni using a mirror and discussing all the parts with the practitioner (I learned a lot), Yoni mapping and learning what is going on with my internal Yoni pain which I now have tools to heal with a self healing practice I will also be combing with my energy healing. It was such a beautiful experience to be held in a safe, loving, non judgement environment and allowing myself to open up fully on all levels, shedding so much shame and fear. Its changed my life. Thank you sister Kate for holding incredible space for me." TG 38

"Kate made me feel welcome and comfortable from the start. She is a sensitive, dedicated, conscious, beautiful and open-hearted soul. After making me comfortable, she explained how I could request whatever kind of touch my body desired in terms of pressure, speed and location on my body, inviting me to breathe deeply, check-in with myself regularly and communicate my boundaries and needs. I requested alternating hard and soft pressure, first on my back and then on my front. Her touch made me feel deeply nourished and more connected to myself. Once I was very relaxed, I requested erotic touch on and around my yoni or pleasure centre. I felt transported to ecstasy, riding valleys and peaks, yet there was no urgency or going over the edge. Communication was clear and added to the unique experience. Kate’s healing bodywork is a delicious gift, I highly recommend it." KP 52

- Jason Riley, Adelaide, Australia

Cheers Kate and thanks for today. It was a great experience and you are brilliant! I've had an interesting day of coincidences. I thought you might appreciate my 10 yo daughter's free choice art homework tonight... she just felt like doing it apparently! (Compass Artwork - Flower Of Life)

- Alex Ingham, Adelaide, Australia

Kate holds such a safe, strong and open space for each individual to explore their intention for each ceremony. The ceremonies themselves are multifaceted as she shares beautiful music, her songs, gentle yet powerful yoga and invaluable wisdom. I intend on working with Kate in the future as I believe she has great integrity and I have much to learn with her about my own journey.

- Kat Von Greye, Florida, USA

I feel incredibly blessed that Spirit re-connected me with this beautiful Be-ing named KATE. She is outstanding when it comes to tapping into your Luminous Energy Field, in order to assist you with the introspection of out of balance tendencies, sharing an honest, intuitive perspective of what tools may benefit YOU on ALL LEVELS. Her services are highly recommended for those seeking a centered/grounded state of wellness, and those wishing to understand deeply how to anchor high frequencies in your Earthly body. (which is not easy).. As an Energy Practitioner, I find it valuable to become fully aware of your body's needs on ALL LEVELS... certainly, the physical. Kate's knowledge of Earthly plant medicines to relieve stress in pain is worth more than the dollar bill. Her skills are refreshing to the Mind, Body & Spirit. Her Sacred ceremonies are delegate and graceful. Creating a safe, soothing place for release and rejuvenation 111%

- Devlin Rachles, Florida, USA

Kate & the Divine Frequency yoga ceremony was a blessing! I was unsure at first, but the universe guided me to this ceremony & Kate and since attending my spirit has felt cleansed and lighter allowing me to move forward with personal growth and mental clarity. All my intentions I brought to the ceremony have been fulfilled and the ceremony itself was a beautiful, relaxing, and enlightening experience. The Ixcacao was an amazing guiding light and I hope to enjoy another ceremony with it and Kate!! I highly recommend attending a Divine frequency yoga ceremony if presented the opportunity!

- Emma Podbury, Adelaide, Australia

This was a life changing experience. Kate is warm, highly intuitive and very humble. The ceremony was an awesome experience of sound and bodywork. I highly recommend. I can't wait for the next one. Thanks Kate.

- Suzannah Dunstone, Victor Harbor, Australia

I had the pleasure of attending my second ceremony yesterday.
Kate facilitates a beautiful heart opening practice in a divine space at Port Elliot.💖
A wonderful opportunity to take some time out for yourself to reconnect & refocus on your intentions.
Thank you Kate for sharing such an amazing gift with us.

- Chris Blackmore, Adelaide, Australia

A beautiful space to surrender and let the divine intertwine with such a deep level of healing!

- Heather Cripps, Port Elliot, Australia

I highly recommend participating in ceremonies with Kate. At her most recent ceremony held prior her departure for Canada and other places, I felt a gentle shift and that has been maintained, now intrinsic in me. Kate's expression of her personal journey, true spiritual gifts and personable nature are some of the reasons why real shifts are experienced when participating in her ceremonies. I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to share in both group and private ceremonies.

- Maga Volpi, Adelaide, Australia

Absolutely love it! I'll cancel any other plans to attend a Yoga Ceremony, because it is so worthy it. Every step and every aspect is planned and conducted with so much love. Every element (music, yoga, meditation, healing, cacao) adds another layer to a beautiful, rich and nurturing experience. Thank you for sharing your energy, Kate.

- Supreet Singh, Mumbai, India

Doing yoga with Kate has transformed my life and has taken put a fasttrack on my spiritual growth. Along with being an amazing facilitator, Kate holds the power to clearly identify energy blockages and set them free. Her communication and extraordinary love with the Universe allows her to set any soul on a path to achieving its highest potential and exploring its connection with the macrocosmic universe. Her deep sense of service in healing people without seeing any personal gains is unmatched. I would highly recommend Kate for anyone seeking more calmness, growth, love, energy and gratitude in life.

- Skye Richardson, Adelaide, Australia

Kate's ceremonies are one of the best experience's you can gift yourself.
Life changing in the most Divine way

- Daniel Whittaker, Adelaide, Australia

A beautiful humble and open space for everyone to share and go deeper within their state of being. Kate is very compassionate and caring and i would recommend this to anyone looking to go deeper into their lives.

- Donna Reid, Adelaide, Australia

Had a lovely time at my first ceremony at Om Mandalas with Kate today. I felt blessed and well taken care of. Many thanks.

- Jenny Baxter, Adelaide, Australia

Kate thanks for putting the Ixacao, yoga and meditation together in this fabulous format. It is really a delight to go to one of your sessions. There is a flow that is healing, energizing and very satisfying. I personally enjoy the sequence you present and feel it is very much about the mind body and soul. The warmth of the cacao in the body, the brilliance of the yoga flow and the meditation. Bliss.

- Tiffany Nurk, Victor Harbor, Australia

This is a healing yoga ceremony. The most amazing experience that you can have. Beautiful thank you Kate

- Diane Korol, Grand Forks, BC, Canada

This Chakra cleanse, balance process is crazy powerful!!! Week one, route chakra and HUGE family issues arose. Week two, sacral chakra and HUGE interpersonal relationship issues arose. Just into week three, solar plexus chakra, and HUGE personal power challenges arose. The issues arising are so clearly tied to each new chakra addition it is profound (and hilarious... when I “get it”). Sometimes the connection light doesn’t come on until I am chatting “story” with a soul friend. When it does I LAUGH and laugh and say “of COURSE this is happening, because this is “X” chakra week!!!! I haven’t missed a chakra balance yet. One day, when I slept in and had to fly.... I was just delighted to fit it in later. It seems such a supportive and important part of my day that there is no “should” and no “have to”. Instead I look forward to it each and every time. In the past I made excuses about busy-ness and other commitments keeping me from an ongoing practice when I am home. This process is short enough to fit in NO MATTER WHAT and is supportive and lovely enough to also be a joy to do.