The Taste of Love Festival 2021


An epic celebration of love, a new exciting experience awaits.




The Taste of Love Festival is designed to transport you into a continuation of deepening with yourself and others in a fully embodied way. The path of red tantra utilises the intelligence and energy of the body to activate states of joy, ecstasy, pleasure, wisdom and connection to self and others. 


“Tantra is primarily about uniting love, spirituality and sexuality with awareness .”


Every day a full program awaits ranging from dance, yoga, meditation, sexuality workshops, touch workshops to interesting cutting edge lectures and healing workshops. 


The Taste of Love Festival starts Thursday the 18th at 3pm, followed by 3 sessions at any given time the next days with evening program, finishing 11pm on the 21st.  The festival is followed by the Taste of Love Tantra Training starting at 8pm Monday the 22nd, with a program starting daily at 10am finishing at 11pm , finishing 2pm Sunday the 28th of March, going into more personal process work, limited places available.


Connection and journeying together with others is the main emphasis of the festival. There are spaces where you can relax together, massage and cuddle or join into sensuality or sexuality, there is nature to walk through and swimming opportunities, you may feel to relax with others.


There is care team members and onsite counsellors that can support you and also daily group sharings.

For more information visit:

Taste Of Love 2021 Kate Alderman Gold Coast Queensland