Problems Are Better Seen As Potential

I’m not just working with people who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. I work with just as many people who desire to expand their pleasure capacity and orgasmicity. Within re patterning, those who arrive with something to solve soon discover that far more has always been available. I was drawn to this path for my own embodied healing. Through discovering what was causing my experience of uncomfortable, and at times painful penetration, I experienced expansive pleasure beyond my mind’s imagination. It was in these moments that I knew this work needed to be shared. Sexual intimacy is one of the most beautiful and simple experiences available to us as human beings, and my heart aches knowing that most people have no idea how much pleasure is available to them. Through Somatic Sexology, habitual patterns evolve into an expansive kaleidoscope of alluring possibilities to curiously explore. Feelings of disempowerment, shame, insecurity, anxiety, depression, disconnection, imprisonment, boredom, avoidance, and longing, become superseded by embodied curiosity, empowerment, liberation, confidence, self responsibility, self expression, self awareness, self love and creativity.

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