Somatic Sexology

For the last five months I’ve been studying Somatic Sexology pretty intensively. This is quite different to energetic practices in that it’s based on physiology rather than spirituality. Sexological Bodywork is a form of ‘embodied’, adult sex education and therapy that focuses on body based exercises and experiences.

Sexological Bodyworkers are trained in anatomy, physiology, the brain and nervous system. We are trained in different types of touch and identifying erotic energy, helping people feel it and understand arousal patterns, helping them connect with their body, to feel and integrate sensation.

Those who see a Sexological Bodyworker are people who are experiencing challenge within their sex life, those who have a curiosity to learn and explore, basically anyone singles or couples who want to expand, integrate and embody a higher level of pleasure and orgasmicity, and to have better sex lives overall.

This work is client-directed and a collaborative approach to educate, support and empower people (and couples) to become more aware, attuned, to better understand their bodies, pleasure, sex and their sexuality. Sexological Bodywork is education focused, is aimed at self-empowerment, and we utilise one-way touch, breath, sound and movement during sessions.

Unlike standard counselling or sex therapy, which has a cognitive approach, this work is more practically focused and able to employ touch to demonstrate when required. Clients appreciate that there’s no performance pressure, there’s no agenda, and that they do not touch the Sexological Bodyworker. Hand’s on isn’t right for everyone, there are other ways to do this work without taking clothes off. Consent and boundaries education is provided and we actively create learning environments where clients are empowered to exercise these skills.

Somatic Sex Educators have a strict code of ethics to adhere to and can be read here:

Another aspect of Sexological Bodywork is scar tissue remediation. Scars create adhesions and prevent the flow of blood and energy around the body. This results in lack of sensation, numbness, and/or tightness and discomfort. Scars throughout the genital and anal area can form for a variety of reasons, including childbirth and from experiencing rough or painful sex, or sex without enough lubrication. Many people are unaware of internal adhesions and most are not aware that the lack of sensation is not normal.

All of the above is my work. I am a Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Educator, Somatic Coach, Embodiment Therapist and Pleasure Activist!

This path has been quite a shift for me and I realise it’s an area that still carries a lot of charge, assumption, aversion and judgement for a lot of people. Life guided me to this work for my own embodied healing, and this naturally inspired passion, and desire, to become professionally trained and certified to share this work with others.

Many of us are disconnected from such a vital, pleasurable part of ourselves, carrying shame for numerous societal, cultural and religious reasons, or we’re stuck in patterns and habits that have resulted in boredom and disconnection. Most people have no idea how much pleasure is available to them.

"Pleasure is widely shamed in our culture. It can feel very uncomfortable to choose pleasure consciously, deliberately and mindfully. Many people are much more comfortable enduring unwanted touch than they are in asking for what they want." - Caffyn Jesse, Empowering Enthusiastic Consent

Here are some of the reasons you might want to see a Somatic Sex Educator:

• Increase or access more pleasure

• Increase intimacy skills • Painful sex

• Increase sexual satisfaction • Ejaculation difficulty/earliness/choice

• Erectile difficulty • Inability to orgasm

• Vaginal dryness

• Lack of sensation

• G-Spot exploration

• Prostate exploration

• Learn about/explore anus

• Low desire • Mismatch in desire/libido

• Sexual anatomy

• Body mapping

• Fertility and conception

• Anything related to the menstrual cycle

• Building better skills around consent and personal boundaries

• Feel more comfortable in your body

• Understand your or partners body

• Bring more variety of touch into sex life

• Learn how to communicate your needs with partner

• Increase sense of connection with partner

• Self and/or other pleasure techniques • Learn how to have more intense or diverse orgasmic experiences • Learn and practice new sexual skills and techniques

• Information/education

• Experience arousal in a relaxed state

• Learn new pathways to arousal and orgasm • Re-integration after trauma/big life changes/childbirth • Orientation/exploration

• Learn how to move beyond sexual fantasy

• Navigating troublesome turn-ons • STI info and navigation • Virginity, shyness or inexperience • Healthier use of porn/education

• Masturbation/Self Pleasure Coaching • Navigating/remediating pelvic pain • Scar tissue remediation

If this feels like something you’d like to know more about please email or message to schedule a free 15-minute phone conversation.

Love, Peace and Pleasure


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