Reviving the Ancient Sisterhood

The Healing Power of Women

In the heart of every woman there’s a longing to sit with sisters, to be open, connect deeply and share vulnerability, joy, fear and dreams. In ancient times the magic of the sacred feminine flowed freely, her abundant fertility and creative power was in harmony with the principles of thriving Mother Nature.

Sisterhood is rising and becoming a powerful healing force as many women are healing their core wounds. We all carry an ancestral heritage of wounded femininity and this creates the core of our disharmony. We add meaning to what happens in life and unconsciously carry this emotional baggage in the present moment. Cultural conditioning adds to our distorted experience of life and this takes us further from our truth, wholeness, and divine feminine expression.

When women gather, collaborate, and hold space for each other, there is sacred community, and these special moments lift our spirits and warm our hearts. Together we share and connect in a powerful way and this has wonderful benefits for women, and also men, when we reconnect and share re-charged and re-nourished energy.

For thousands of years, the dominant paradigm in our world has been the masculine driving force energy: assertiveness, decisiveness, doing, producing and thinking. This was all part of the divine plan and has been an integral part of our growth, however this has caused suppression of the feminine force energy: receptivity, intuition, compassion, feeling and understanding. This wounding has affected both men and women, as we all have both masculine and feminine energy within.

In the beginning there was space, the cosmic womb, and into this space came word. We can honour the divine feminine as the evolutionary source through which all came from, knowing that where we came from is where all is returning too. In harmonizing our divine feminine to temper and bring balance to the edges of our masculine, our divine masculine finds the courage and strength to surrender programs, patterns and conditioning. In doing so we return to the stillness, nothingness, and harmonious re-creation space – the great mystery.

Ancient Sisterhood Traditions

The magic of sisterhood allows space for authenticity, deep connection, and the expression of our raw and wild form that was expressed so freely in ancient times. In many indigenous cultures traditions are still alive, and women across the world are increasingly reviving these for the highest good of all.

Traditions like the Red Tent, honouring rites of passage, healing circles, fertility rituals, and other indigenous women’s gatherings nourished women and kept the whole tribe strong. The Red Tent provided a space for women to recalibrate, incubate, dream, slow down, and reconnect during their moon time. This monthly cycle is more than a physical cycle; it’s a cycle of transmutation that offers the potential for rebirth each month. It is a time of renewal, shedding and letting go.

At moon time women would retreat together as their cycles would be synchronised, they would sit in the tent together, being nurtured and cared for by each other as they went through the healing process of shedding their womb. A woman is more psychic and the veil is thin between the worlds for her when she is bleeding, taking this time to be still, she can easily open to higher inspiration and dreaming at this time.

In old spiritual traditions women were the keepers of ancient wisdom. Due to their emotional openness, connection to their intuitive nature, and ability to tap into higher wisdom, they were held in high regard, and this potential was an advantage for the whole community. Women’s bodies were seen as sacred alchemical vessels of creation and transformation. Women were the channels who could bridge worlds with sacred rituals.

In the Native American Traditions and many others, the onset of menstruation was celebrated with a ceremony of huge significance that welcomed the young girl into womanhood. These rites of passage were a major event and celebration. Other rites of passage and celebrations were when a woman entered motherhood, and the passage of a woman into her crone wisdom at menopause. These moments in time were significant events and revered among sisters and tribe.

In Indigenous cultures many of the day-to-day activities are shared. Women gather food and cooked together, often while singing and sharing. When visiting Peru and Guatemala it warms my heart to see the Shipibo and Mayan women still enjoy creating textiles, clothes, and spinning and weaving together. Many Australian Indigenous women cared for each other’s children as if they were their own. In some cases the children didn’t know which woman was their birth mother as these bonds were so close, this is still happening in many areas of South America. In today’s western world some women feel alone and long for the connection with sisters, which was such a natural part of everyday life.

What is sisterhood?

Sisterhood is not an exclusive group, or an anti-men convention; it is a way of being and is a celebration of all that is potently feminine. It is a choice to be alive, authentic and grounded in your female energy with an open heart. There is sisterhood between friends, between a mother and a daughter, a grandmother and her grandchild, between co-workers, acquaintances, etc. Sisterhood is a movement of kindness and compassion that encompasses all women, no matter what their shape, nationality or beliefs. It’s an energy that is understanding of men, therefore includes men too, and is healing for the entire planet.

The archetypes of the priestess, the crone, and the goddess runs deep in women, but can be buried underneath the responsibilities and daily demands, along with the distorted ideas that one must be: the perfect mother, partner or wife, sensational lover, or successful career woman. When we come together this falls away and we create magic, a space that is potent and transformative, and a frequency that is magnetic.

Sacred Aspects of Sistership


Sistership acknowledges the innate value of each being and there’s no hierarchy or division. All colours, shapes and sizes are warmly welcomed. We are all unique flowers from the garden of life and all equally important to the whole. As we appreciate our individuality in beauty, body shape, dreams, and life choices, we create freedom in ourselves and other people.


Feminine energy is receptive. In stillness we connect deeply with ourselves, fully recharge and become wide open to inspiration. We are then able to hold space, create more, and give more on an emotional level to our friends, families, children, and community without feeling depleted.


Sisterhood is a path of self-love and of owning and loving the unique divine expression of our bodies and faces. When we honour ourselves in this way we honour our sisters and families in the same way. The true nurturing potential and power of love is free to overflow to all else when it comes from the space of absolute love for ourselves.


In each womb, there lies the creative potential of the Universe. While we have the ability to birth new life, women also have the capacity to manifest their dreams in the world. We have the ability to express our creativity through creating a family, a connected community, works of writing, dance, art, music etc. When we create our feminine energy is in flow and we enjoy the harmonious creative expression. When out of harmony we feel the tide of competition, jealousy and comparison with others. The wounded feminine that is distracted by fear is healed when she realigns with love and feminine wisdom. When our relationships with our sisters are alive and happy our creative desires and passions are fulfilled.


Sisterhood supports the expression of the fully empowered feminine. Returning to the love, peace, passion, pleasure and harmony that we are inspires energetic healing on a collective level – the law of One; awakening greater consciousness and aliveness in all beings.