“Not Good Enough” Vibration

Just recently I had a realization. One of those Aha moments that makes you think “Well of course, why didn’t I consider this sooner?” So clearly I was in a state where I was ready to join the dots and integrate the “Not Good Enough” vibration on a deeper level.

So we know on a cellular level that much of our ill health, and some times injury, is caused by suppressed emotion, the negative emotions we’ve been swallowing down over the years. This congested and stagnant energy eventually manifests itself physically, and in this case, in our physical body. Dis Ease = Disease.

It was in this moment I could see how the vibration of “Not Good Enough” fits in the same category as the lower energy vibrations (negative emotions) that we all experience in varying moments: fear, anxiety, dread, anger, rage, sorrow, grief, frustration, discontentment, arrogance, greed, envy, jealousy, cruelty etc, and it was this realization that got me inspired to go deeper.

When we feel this vibration, even if only on a subtle level, not good enough, not enough, inferiority, not worthy, or not deserving, we’re aligned with some of the vibrations listed above.

The “Not good enough” or “Not enough” vibration, in its varying facets, is initially experienced and created around the time we start school. The ego gathers evidence as proof that we need its protection; we must be careful with our choices and actions, and we must suppress ourselves if we want to survive. When this vibration exists inside us it shows up everywhere, the fear of failure and feeling envious of other people are both common. When the present moment isn’t good enough, we’re experiencing discontentment, and here is what came to the surface within me…

“I’m happy now and I love my life, but I’ll be happier and I'll love it even more when I’ve manifested paradise”.

I know we're all guilty of this at times. We’re human and we all have ambitions, goals and material items we’re striving for. A new job, house, car, X amount of money in the bank, fit and healthy body, relationship, life partner, family, holiday etc, we all have our own version of paradise.

It’s common for us to very subtly reject the present moment because limitation is felt within it. We forget though that if we fast-forward to the future moment where we have manifested paradise, we may feel great for a little while, however this moment is also going to bring with it a new set of limitations.

So what can we do?

When we choose the present moment exactly as it is, there is space, and in this space we realign with the souls vibration, reconnect to Source energy, and align with our true nature, destiny and purpose. This comes with an unwavering knowing that we’re all deserving of greatness and everything we need comes to us. Like a leaf being carried downstream by a river that knows where it’s going. Letting go and allowing is not about sacrifice, nor does it give rise to lazy inactivity, it’s simply a return to Being.

If like me, there have been times in your life where you’ve felt anxious about not being good enough, you too may have developed a coping mechanism for this. For me it was to do more, control myself, and attempt to control the world. Our coping mechanisms give us a false sense of security, and they also give us somewhere to direct the anxious energy making them useful and purposeful for the person we are in this particular moment.

Moving from a limited sense of self to expansive one requires us to regularly question what we think we know, to see if it wants to dissolve or evolve into something that's more aligned with who are in this present moment. What may have worked for us in the past may not be suitable now. When old behaviors and patterns leave us feeling exhausted this is a clear sign it’s time to let go and create something new that’s more aligned.

We can’t do more to make manifestation happen faster. Watering the plant all day doesn’t make it grow any faster; this is more likely to cause damage.

We can shift from an assertive focus based on action and results to a softer intuitive state where we can “be with”, notice, feel and appreciate the guidance that’s in the moment with us. It also helps to keep our childlike faith and imagination active, because this is how we recognize what wants to become real.

The doing aspect of creation can seem like the fun part because the pursuit involves enthusiasm, motivation and achieving. Releasing old patterns, behaviors, relaxing, dreaming of imaginary realities, and rejuvenating ourselves can be every bit as pleasurable.

When we create from the heart and soul, nearly everything works out, and when we create from the head, almost nothing. When we shift from head to heart we let go of the old forceful willpower method and find peace in choosing what’s choosing us; our destiny. When we choose to feel connected to life we discover that the old type of willpower is replaced with concepts like flow and synchronicity.

We don’t need to do more; it’s all happening. We can enjoy and embrace creation as it naturally evolves knowing that paradise is within us in every moment.

Second Falls, Morialta, South Australia

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