Uniting Body, Mind and Soul

Enlightenment is not enlightenment without the physical body.

The soul is energy, it’s pure consciousness, it’s very intelligent, and it moves very quickly. The soul is the spiritual master, or Zen master within. It sees the divine message in our experience. It says, “Thank you Source, I know why this is happening, this is for my highest evolution, you’ve been very crafty and this has been uncomfortable, however thank you for this lesson”.

Yes, we’re very clever, however when it comes to healing one very important aspect has been forgotten; humanness and the physical body. The physical body is physical matter therefore it moves slower, and often heals much slower than the soul wants it to.

We can’t think energy (emotion) out of our nervous system it needs to be felt. We can’t just tell the body and mind to “Get over it”. This rushing and moving on to the next thing is the same as avoiding. We all know very well that what we negate comes back and this is because the energy is stuck in our nervous system.

The body needs us to courageously go into the emotion and feel. The mind needs us to express so it feels like it’s being heard; not necessarily by third parties, however sometimes yes, this is necessary. Our bodies are so perfectly designed, we have a voice, and we have voice tone, so we can project expression when necessary – without judgement. Sometimes things need to be said sharply so that the expression lands in a way to be felt by the other person. If we say something that we regret, we have the ability to clean it up by expressing apology and our heart felt feelings for the eruption. It’s okay to make mistakes and it’s okay to get it wrong, in doing so we learn something new.

The inner spiritual master will say, “Who am I to get upset and project, what kind of master am I if I yell and scream”. We need to remind our inner spiritual master that we didn’t come here to be a spiritual master, that’s the easy part because it’s how we arrived, pure soul and Source consciousness. We came here to be a human being and have a human experience, and this includes feeling all emotions, not just the joyous ones.

The physical body is our channel of Source consciousness, without it we have nothing to radiate the pure love light energy through. The body is begging the soul to slow down and come back from its spiritual obstacle course. There’s no need to try and be perfect, allow the body to have its experience, let go of the self-judgement and have a good laugh at our human behaviours without becoming caught up in them.

Children are great examples; they don’t judge their yelling, screaming, and wailing as they shake emotion out of their bodies. Of course, as adults we have the maturity and self-composure to know when and where it’s appropriate to release the energy from the nervous system.

We can model the behaviour of our Ascended Masters, guides, and protectors. These are our humble and unconditional companions. They love and honour us with absolute patience and faith, and they have fun with us as they guide us through life. The soul can be exactly the same for the physical body.

The soul is the spirit guide for the physical body. This is the harmonious relationship that unites body, mind, and soul as One.

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