We Are Creators Not Creations

We never truly know other people.

We never truly know ourselves.

How can we? Change is constant. Our needs and desires are fluid and will forever be changing as we mature and evolve.

Sometimes I feel like eating chocolate, sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I feel like having sex, sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I’m full of energy, and sometimes I’m not.

Sometimes my body is one hundred percent functional, and other times I may be injured.

Every day and every moment is a new experience, and this week, arriving on the yoga mat and connecting with my opponent during Aikido training was a great reminder of this.

Yoga has me connect with the lifeforce within myself; the inner communication takes place on all levels of body, mind and spirit, using all of the senses. On every occasion this is different.

Aikido has me share and interact with the lifeforce of the opponent (Tori/Uke); there’s a consistent flow of sensory communication taking place throughout the application of the technique. Aikido brings the additional element, as I now need to be mindful and respectful of my opponent. I must feel their energy as it arrives in the moment, knowing that on each occasion this will be varied.

Thinking we “know” is truly limiting. It creates a tiny little box and puts a lid on connection, growth and expansion. It also takes us out of the present moment.

When we make a “creation” of someone or ourselves we create limitation. We are not the same people we were as children. Life is not stagnant and we are not stagnant. Mystery is exciting!

To inspire peace, freedom and love we can check in.

With ourselves – It’s very easy to get stuck in routine, going through the motions, the foods we eat, the activities we’re involved in, and many other aspects of life, and we lose touch with our needs and desires in the present moment. Are choices serving or stagnating our experience?

With others – Maybe we have an opinion of someone, we’ve made a limiting “creation” of them, perhaps a filter that we listen to them through and we don’t hear what they’re really saying, just our filtered and created version of them. This happens very unconsciously, we think and believe “It’s just how they are”. The awareness of this inspires a letting go of the confined space we’ve put them in, giving them the opportunity to be something entirely new for themselves and for us.

We can empty others and ourselves of yesterday, last week, last month, last year… all of the past, and all of our fixed beliefs, emptied away…. and now into the peace and freedom of the present moment, where we are free to create and recreate, while pursuing and experiencing our unique soul path.

Life is not about being discovered, but rather discovering - ourselves among all else.


Kate Alderman

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