Freedom From Anxiety


We get a lot of anxiety making decisions. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking it all over and taking everything into consideration. But when we think about it, honestly, could we ever take enough of everything into consideration, bearing in mind that the data and possibilities in any given situation are infinite.

Worry and anxiety is experienced when we think of all the variables beyond our control and what might happen and go wrong. The mind can get extremely chaotic in its loop of thinking things over. My mind attempts to control as a way of serving and protecting, and maybe yours does too, we all have low vibration ways of dealing with anxiety, however this is a huge drain on our energy.

Wise and clear choices can be made when we slow down the thinking mind, and shift our energy into to the heart. To do this I like to call in and ask the wise grandmother version of myself for advice – the inner guru, the higher self. This is the reliable source and always reminds me what is, and is not important. “Grandmother Kate” realigns me with love and high vibration.

For every choice there are positive and negative consequences. We need negative consequences as much as the positive ones to learn and grow. Therefore, there is no right or wrong choice, just different consequences, different learning, and different healing taking place. Even total disasters all come out in the wash somehow.

With this knowing we can trust and have confidence in the choices we make. We can be gentle, kind and compassionate with ourselves, and others too, as we support and hold space for each other in whichever journey we choose.

Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else and it would have just as much meaning.

~ Mr. Nobody


Kate Alderman

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