Divine Instruments

We are “divine instruments”.

There are seven chakras contained within the human body and many more that extend beyond the body and into the cosmos.

Just like a guitar needs to be tuned to play beautiful music, the chakras also need to be “tuned” to produce sweet notes and a beautiful melody within life – our unique soul song.

Practices such as yoga and various forms of martial arts can be used to “tune” and harmonize the chakras.

When “tuned” we connect and produce beautiful music and symphony with others. Sometimes those we come into contact with will not be as tuned as we are and this is perfect. It’s our “tuning”, our sweet soul song, and our divine presence, that naturally and effortlessly tunes their melody. The high vibration (love) interaction dissolves the low vibration (fear) elements that are out of “tune”.

Our divine melody ripples out and benefits all of existence.

Continue honoring the divine spirit in all beings.

Enjoy sharing your beautiful soul song and melody.

This we do for ourselves, and all of humanity.


Kate Alderman

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