People are craving touch and affection.
Not just the culturally assumed hard, fast and intense.
And also not just the soft, slow and sensuous.

Primal desires to ravish or be ravished by AND sensual desires for slowness and delayed gratification are equally important and both demand expression.

The ability to navigate the full spectrum of pleasure and valuing the sensual subtle spaces as much as the intensity and peaks is what’s needed to enjoy the fullness of intimacy.

I see client after client expressing “stuckness” around desire, libido, communication and intimacy. Many of us have been exposed to sexual taboo, limiting beliefs, and are not practiced in expressing our body’s needs and desires. Minds are over occupied and nervous systems are frozen or stuck in patterns that aren’t helpful or inspiring.

This is a workshop into and then from the Self, understanding desire and the importance of polarity, to expand pleasure, and deepen intimacy.

Would you like to feel more embodied and sexually empowered?
Would you like to better understand you partner/future partner and learn ways to powerfully communicate?
Would you like to experience more variety within intimacy?
Would you like to understand how to sexually activate yourself and your partner/future partner?
Would you like to feel more relaxed and open during intimacy?
Are you longing for deeper intimacy and connection?
If you’d like to transform your past into a healthy, mature, and ecstatic future, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop we’ll be working with the full spectrum of pleasure - the primal and the sensual. Understanding and embodying each we can then choose to consciously move between the two to activate trust, aliveness, expansive pleasure and deep intimacy in our lives.

And you don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from this workshop, what we’ll explore will greatly enhance your understanding of Self and will bring benefits to future relationship/s.

I was drawn to this path for my own embodied healing and this naturally inspired my passion to share this with others. As someone who often didn’t feel met within intimacy and was not practiced in communicating my needs and desires; I’m excited to share all of this with you! It’s made a huge difference in my world, and feedback from clients expressing the difference it’s making for them, and their intimate relationships lights me up and inspires me to share more.

In this workshop we’ll explore:
- Embodiment
- The full pleasure spectrum
- Sensual desire
- Primal instincts
- Self-indulgence
- Pathways to deep and fulfilling intimacy
- Reclaiming sexual empowerment
- Empowered communication

This is a fully clothed workshop.

People of all genders, sexualities and relationship preferences are welcome.

All of the Somatic processes, practices and exercises are offered as an invitation and opportunity to explore.

Please dress comfortably so you’re able to fully enjoy the somatic exercises.

Please also bring a pen and paper/journal.

Investment: $50

Bring partner/friend $90 ($45 each)
If you choose two people option please email for payment instructions: