How is Keith's Cacao Different?

People ingest Keith's Cacao and feel a distinct difference in their connection and experience and often ask me how and why this is so. What is it about Keith's Cacao, what does it contain that enhances the connection and experience?


I wondered this too and while visiting San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, it became very clear to me when I saw and experienced the integrity behind Keith's work and the Cacao he shares with the world.


Keith purchases the cacao from small Mayan communities who live out in the wild rain forest and grow the cacao in the volcanic soil. These are small communities of family's not mass production plantations. These ancient "grandmother" cacao trees are at least six metres tall and bear cacao fruit containing Criollo beans.


Cacao that has been grown for mass production is very different, the bushes rather than trees are quite young and only up to six feet tall. The mass production growers prefer to grow hybrid cacao bushes that are more resistant to disease and produce more fruit, even though the cacao is of lower quality.


The "grandmother" spirit and energy is retained in Keith's Cacao by Keith's choice, and IxCacao's instruction, to minimise the use of machines in the processing. Although a machine could be used for shelling the beans quickly, it is not. Every bean is hand shelled by Mayan families employed by Keith within the San Marcos community. Many people who live in Guatemala live below the poverty line. The ten indigenous families Keith employs for shelling the beans are some of the highest paid people in the community.


A mill is used to grind the beans into a paste before it is packed, weighed and labelled. I enjoyed being involved in this process while I was visiting. After spending time with Keith I was not surprised during the packing process to see him stack and store every brick himself intentionally giving each one a moment of time and energy.


If you live in Adelaide and would like to save on postage contact to arrange collection. 

Ceremonial Medicinal Cacao Elixir

Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste
200-250ml water
Organic honey
Organic spices - cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric, vanilla, Himalayan salt

Recommended dose of cacao is 28-42g, experiment to find your dose.

Grate cacao and place this in a saucepan with water. Add spices and whisk over low heat. The longer you heat the thicker the medicine becomes. Low heat is best, very important not to allow boiling, so stay with it. Be intentional as you create your brew; everything responds to love and gratitude.


Enjoy connecting!