-Calling women of all ages, ethnicities, sexual expressions, and beliefs to this sacred gathering, if you’re in a female body you’re welcome.


This women's ceremony holds a sacred disrobing ritual. Empowered in embodying and honoring your truth in the moment, this ritual is an invitation to strip back the layers of insecurity, fear, shame, self-judgment, self-criticism, warped perception, comparison, competition, and cultural conditioning we have accumulated regarding the physical body and self-value.

This sacred ceremony is less about naked yin yoga and more about fully embodying, loving and honoring our physical female form. Together we share and connect in a powerful way, re-harmonizing self-love, and self-value, healing the distorted feminine, reclaiming divine feminine wisdom, and reviving the ancient sisterhood.



- Safe temple and ritual space to arrive just as you are.

- Sacred, loving, nurturing and honoring space for you to feel absolutely at home and free to be your authentic and transparent self.

- Candle lighting and intention setting.

- Disrobing Ritual: This is a guided ritual.

- Gentle Yin Yoga to connect with your body and encourage freedom and flow of energy throughout the meridian lines.

- Empowering self-love practices and healthy body image transmission.

- A bite of wisdom from the Tree Of Life

- Sharing space to close our ceremony and enjoy Raw treats and fruit.



1 X Female Goddess $99.00

2 X Female Goddesses $176.00 - Bring a friend and save!

To reserve space email:

This ceremony is limited to 12, booking is essential!

NO LATE ADMITTANCE! Make sure you are on time.

Please note - You DO NOT have to be naked to experience the transmission and power of this ritual. You do need to be comfortable with nudity though as other sisters may feel guided to experience in this way.