Metatron's Divine Energy Practice


This channeled book contains a creative body-mind-spirit practice. This daily energy practice is very short, simple and easy to follow.


The intention and purpose of this sharing is to realign you with your highest vibration, love, light and bliss. This practice is a practical means of rediscovering and reactivating a high level of consciousness, awareness and a way of establishing Universal peace and Oneness.


Metatron’s Divine Energy Practice is a way of looking at life and a way of being in the world, an invitation to experience and explore. Understanding is forever expanding and when the choice is made to live from this perspective, enlightenment, growth and expansion are limitless. If you resonate with the chakra system and sacred geometry, you will feel at home with the metaphors contained within Metatron’s Divine Energy Practice.

The sharing’s within this channeled book are given from and to an open space to allow the individual to experience for themselves the profound offerings and extensions of this practice.

Metatron's Divine Energy Practice - Channeled ebook