Multidimensional Bodywork & Reiki Energy

The combination of energy sharing techniques Kate uses attends to the multidimensional aspects of being, bringing harmony to the physical and energetic bodies. The body is assessed via the “listening stations” to find the restrictions. The Universal Consciousness guides the session. The client is connected with their inner/healer to integrate and maintain the energy upgrade received.


These are hands-on sessions where pressure is applied to relieve tension and energy blockages within the meridians along the spinal column, neck, skull, back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, feet and abdomen. The pressure invokes energetic releases within the fascia and organs, bringing the body to a full state of relaxation.


Reiki energy is channeled throughout the session to integrate, harmonize and align the chakras and layers of the body’s aura and energy field. Reiki has been documented in aiding in the healing of illnesses and injuries and it complements both conventional and alternative forms of treatment.

Kate is an open channel for messages of insight and encourages you to set an intention for your session. Her intuitive ability allows her to experience the individual's spectrum of energy, and through this she can identify which aspects require harmonizing. Further insight is provided in regard to integration post session for the client to maintain thriving health, wellness and abundant living.


These sessions are a wonderful way to experience full relaxation, self awareness and personal development. Some of the many benefits include creating unimaginable states of consciousness and spiritual experiences. A treat for yourself on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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