If you've been waiting for permission to prioritise your sexual wellness and pleasure..


H E R E I T I S :

3 Days

9 Certified Sex Educators

15 + Live Events

100% Free & Forever access


Over the weekend of May 22nd-24th 9 certified sex geek mates are hosting a F R E E live summit covering all the delish and squishy bits and pieces ranging from: **Sex positive parenting **embodiment during labour and pregnancy and birth **anal exploration **Increasing orgasmic potential **rituals for couples... A N D M O R E!


This group and all the events are open to all genders, all identities and all relationship configurations..



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We’re in: (GMT+10) Australian Eastern Standard Time

Time zone in Melbourne/Sydney

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Is your sex life dull, boring or non-existent?

Are you longing for deeper intimacy and connection?

Would you like to expand your orgasmic potential?


It’s very easy to get swept into the busyness of life, forgetting that our sexual satisfaction is not only important, but an absolute necessity. Especially when it comes to feeling confident, creative, empowered, healthy, radiant, having a positive outlook, and being a magnet for our dreams and desires.


If you’d like to expand your pleasure capacity and orgasmicity, this workshop is for you.


This workshop shines light on what’s missing within intimacy with Self and with lovers/partners, to create new levels of understanding and pathways to fulfilling and expansive pleasure.


And you don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from this workshop, what you’ll uncover will greatly benefit your relationship with future partners/lovers.


I was drawn to this path for my own embodied healing. As someone who often experienced pain and discomfort during sex I’m excited to share this piece with you as it’s made a noteworthy difference in my world of pleasure and orgasmicity.


In this workshop we’ll explore:

- Patterns, programs and conditioning

- Reclaiming sexual empowerment

- Self Pleasure

- Orgasmic Saturation

- Edging and Arousal Scaling

- Communicating with partners/lovers

- Core Erotic Themes

- How to cultivate curiosity and excitement within relationships


This workshop will ONLY be available inside the #illuminate group SATURDAY 23rd MAY, 1PM-2PM Adelaide time (ACST)