Embodied Consent & Empowered Relating Kate Alderman Gold Coast Queensland

You don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from this workshop, what we’ll explore will greatly enhance your understanding of Self and will bring benefits to ALL relationships and future relationships.


Connection, relating and intimacy rely on consent and communication. But..…

- Have you ever found it difficult to express yourself?

- Do you ever feel stuck or frozen when it comes to expressing your needs and desires, or asking others about their needs and desires?

- Do you find it hard to have the conversations you know you need to have for the level of relationship, connection, and understanding you truly desire?

- Have you ever found it difficult knowing whether you want to say yes or no, or felt unsure whether you, or the other person, were consenting during or afterwards?

In this workshop, participants will be offered Somatic tools and conversations to explore. Participants will work with a simple framework to practice making embodied decisions and express themselves confidently and comfortably. Participants will be empowered in feeling and embodying what works and feels good within their body.


We anchor this work in curiosity, self-compassion, and self-accountability.


This workshop shines light on what’s missing within dating and relationships to create new levels of understanding, communication and pathways to fulfilling and empowered connection.

In this workshop we’ll explore:
- Embodiment

- Circle of Consent

- Full body consent – Enthusiastic “Yes” and “No”
- Communicating your needs and desires

- Conscious relating and dating

- The “Talk”
- The myth of telepathy
- Empowered communication

- Understanding your partner

- Essential conversations for deep connection

- Pathways to fulfilling intimacy


This will be a space where talking about sex is welcomed, however, embodied consent and empowerment are not only about sex, and neither are the skills and activities we'll be working with.

-Would you like to feel more embodied?

-Would you like to feel more confident and empowered?

-Would you like to feel more relaxed and open?
-Would you like to better understand others and learn ways to confidently communicate your needs, desires and boundaries?
-Are you longing for deeper connection?

-Would you like to learn communication and relating skills to take your dating or current relationship to a whole new level?


If you have children and you desire to empower them, this workshop is for you. Teenagers 13+ years of age are welcome. An adult participant must accompany participants under 18 years of age.


All of the nourishing Somatic practices and exercises are offered as an invitation and opportunity to explore and learn. Your level of participation is your choice. Embodied consent is a powerful learning and practice. A “No” to someone else is a “Yes” to yourself.


This is a fully clothed workshop.


Please dress comfortably. Bring your favourite blanket, hoodie, shawl, or other cozy item to put on your body. Space is limited. Bookings essential.


"Thank you so much. My daughter said she is feeling places within herself which she didn't know she had. Her vocabulary has changed with perspective and also she doesn't want me to attend next class so that she is more free. I feel proud of myself too. Thank you for doing what you do. I feel empowered mother." AK

"I want to thank you again for holding that session. It was so helpful for me. A lot of the content was stuff I have been taking in from many places as part of my growth work. But having the ability to practice those conversations really helped me feel connected in my growth. This has been a missing part of the equation for me lately and it’s been rather demoralising at times. So I really want to appreciate the way you structured the presentation." TS