The Divine Frequency Cacao Ceremony is a shamanic journey and process, setting intention opens up the portal.


This ceremony is more than just a physical yoga practice it's a transformational journey, which includes Hatha and Deep Restorative Yin Yoga.


Guidance with breath, movement and asana, allows lifeforce and Ixcacao energy to permeate and expand your body, heart, mind and being. Modifications are offered within the practice, therefore is suitable for everyone. It can be very gentle and restorative, or dynamic and powerful, whichever your body is feeling it will benefit from in that moment.


Hatha is translated as 'Ha' meaning 'Sun' and 'Tha' meaning 'Moon'. This refers to the balance of Masculine aspects—Active, Hot, Sun—and Feminine aspects—Receptive, Cool, Moon— aspects that are within all of us. Hatha Yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites (Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti). Hatha Yoga brings balance within effort and surrender, and awareness to breath, which helps the erratic mind become still and present. The sequence of asanas is designed to balance strength and flexibility, and also aligns the skin, muscles, and bones. The postures also open up the many channels of the body, creating a smooth flow of energy, especially throughout the spine, meridians and chakras.


The masculine practice creates a gentle heat before the transition into the more relaxed, reclined and female postures. This prepares every aspect of the physical and energetic body for the deep listening space of sound bath meditation. As the vibrations are massaging your body and being throughout the immensely relaxing 30-45 minute sound bath journey, Kate will share Reiki and shamanic energy with all those open to receiving this profound, harmonizing and loving energy.


Kate has journeyed to Peru on many occasions and participated in medicinal plant dietas. She will be sharing the energies and frequencies of these master plants via her voice - Shamanic Plant song (Icaros).


All of these elements facilitate a deep heart opening and connection, and the reawakening of true soul expression, internal wholeness, and Oneness consciousness.


Participants after ceremony often express feeling grounded, centered, aligned, elevated, open, creative and playful.


No prior yoga or ceremony experience is necessary and people with previous experience are welcomed. The greater the mix the richer the ceremony experience!



Super Early Bird – 2 spaces for $180

Early Bird - $99.99 

Full Price - $120.00


Bookings are essential as spaces are limited!

What is Divine Frequency?


When in our Divine Frequency we are experiencing life as our highest-self. This is also known as soul-self, true-self, heart-self and god-self. When operating in Divine Frequency we are grounded, present, peaceful, loving, graceful, radiant and blissful. We are born Soul beings and this is our true and natural essence, however throughout life’s journey we accumulate layers of mental, emotional and spiritual garbage that covers up our true Soul essence. This thick layer of garbage/illusion takes us out of the present moment, we over-think, over-analyze and lose faith. Divine Frequency Cacao Ceremonies bring these elements into union so you can experience a deep connection with your Heart and Soul while safely exploring expanded states of consciousness.


-Ceremonial Cacao (Ixcacao)


-Hatha & Deep Yin Yoga

-Tao Philosophy

-Emotional Freedom Techniques

-Sound Bath Meditation

-Reiki and Intuitive Bodywork

-Shamanic Plant Songs (Icaros)



What is Ceremonial Cacao?


This is not your average block of chocolate from the supermarket – that just doesn’t cut it, nor does regular Cacao powder. These products are refined and processed, the medicinal properties are removed and they don’t contain the shamanic properties. Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao arrives in a nugget shaped block and is chocolate in its purest form, ground from the beans, with the Cacao butter intact. Shamans cultivate these Cacao beans with the intention of ceremonial use, not mass production. To the Ancient Mayans Cacao was believed to be 'the food of the Gods' which not only opened the door of the Heart, but also the door to greater consciousness. Cacao connects us to the spiritual essence of Yoga – which is union. Yoga means Union. For us, that is union between the Physical and Spiritual; the Body and the Soul.


IxCacao is a delicious plant medicine and she supports you in wherever you’re at, her energy works with you based on what’s happening inside. If there are deep energies that need to move, she will facilitate this. The essence of IxCacao is her versatility and non-directiveness, she will show you the door, but walking through it, is up to you.


People generally describe IxCacao as a heart energy because she significantly increases blood flow and generates an expansive feeling around the Heart. Intimacy and connection become effortless, love flows naturally, focus and creativity are heightened, a radiant glow and vibrating energy emerges, and it’s up to you where you take this fun!


Cacao is a super food.


– It is one of the highest sources of antioxidants; with far greater antioxidants than red wine or green tea.

– It is super rich in magnesium, so it helps all the muscles of the body relax, this is ideal for the practice of Yoga!

– It increases the neurotransmitter activity in the brain to increase clarity, focus and awareness; great for meditation!

– Strengthens and builds heart health. As a vasodilator, is great for anyone with High Blood pressure, as it lowers BP.

– Detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and generally cleanses the body.

– It’s a natural Anti-depressant; releases serotonin and dopamine, lifting mood, bringing euphoria and bliss.

– And if that’s not enough, unlike regular chocolate (which is filled with sugar and dairy) Cacao is great for weight loss.



How Ixcacao found Kate


The Spirit of Cacao, Ixcacao, found Kate while on her travels not long after her arrival in Lima, Peru, whilst journeying on her second trip into the mystical realms of the Amazon's Shamans and Curanderos. Around 3am that morning, still adjusting from the effects of jet lag, she decided to do some Yoga to pass time before breakfast and her imminent departure to Pucallpa, the doorstep of the Amazon Rainforest.


Serendipitously she'd purchased some ceremonial grade Cacao the previous day, and due to the circumstances this was the only source of food/energy available in her hotel room. Kate took a few bitter bites of the raw Cacao then proceeded to immerse herself in her Yoga practice. The following experience could only be described as 'Beyond Blissful' and she didn't want it to end. Whilst meditating after this surprisingly delectable union of Cacao and Yoga it became increasingly clear that she needed to share that unique combination's rapturous energy and ethereal experience.


Kate spent the following two weeks deep in the Peruvian Amazon participating in sacred Ayahuasca Ceremonies as part of a powerful medicinal plant Dieta and Vipassana. That incredibly profound experience triggered a deep awakening of Kate's divine and true self. During the course of the retreat prodigious insights were received on how to share and facilitate transformation within herself and others by incorporating the use of sacred plants and traditional wisdom in order to impart that ancient knowledge forward for all whom wish to further their understanding of themselves and the natural World in which we live.


Kate was very excited about returning to Australia to share in her discoveries and create a welcoming, nurturing and loving space in order to facilitate the wonderful alchemy of Ceremonial Cacao, yoga and meditation.


Kate began working with and holding IxCacao ceremony space in 2015. She expanded and explored this connection further with a journey to Guatemala in 2017, where she worked with Keith and the Cacao Tribe in her mission to master the elements of Divine Frequency.


Kate understands Divine Frequency Cacao Ceremonies to be like an organism that’s constantly growing, evolving, expanding, and naturally, as she too integrates, evolves and expands.



Cacao - Possible contraindications


Cacao is a plant medicine. Like any medicine, it is important to be mindful in its use. There is a list below and these are usually only a concern in higher doses.


The recommended dose is 1 oz (30g) of Cacao.


Cacao is a strong bitter and power detoxifier as it helps cleanse the Liver. Because of this, in higher doses people might experience detoxification symptoms such as headache or nausea. In this case, take it as a blessing and drink plenty of water as your body lets go of whatever it doesn’t need. This will likely be accentuated for people on a raw diet or who are fasting.


Many anti-depressants are contra-indicated with the tryptophan and MAO inhibitors in this Cacao, so we recommend checking your medications first. Regular Chocolate doesn’t have enough strength to cause these effects. Worst-case scenario is headache and nausea, but avoid the hassle and check up first.


Serious heart conditions - the theobromine in Cacao increases heart rate significantly and is a vasodilator, lowering blood pressure. If you have such a condition it's best to check with your doctor first.


During pregnancy & breastfeeding it is important to reduce intake of stimulants. In the same way you would reduce tea or coffee, it's important to also reduce your intake of Cacao, as the theobromine in Cacao has a stimulating effect.


If you have ANY allergies or concerns please let us know.