Kate is a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, Embodiment Therapist, Author and Workshops Facilitator. She offers sex coaching, embodied therapy and somatic education to people from her home in Adelaide and across the globe via Zoom, Skype or Messenger.

Kate has the training and experience to support you in connecting more fully with your body, sex and sexuality. She is very passionate about guiding others in accessing more pleasure, freedom and love. She feels it’s an honour to share as she too learns, integrates and evolves.

Kate has been sharing her energy through plant medicine ceremonies, breath work, bodywork, yoga and sound bath. She combines many years of experience in fitness, health, healing, transformation, and the shamanic arts to create a unique transmission that inspires, enlivens and awakens. Kate is an engaging speaker with a natural gift of sharing interesting stories, references and rich personal experiences. She delivers her understanding and wisdom within a context that inspires, motivates, and awakens new perspectives.

Kate brings presence, warmth, openness, heart, and authenticity to her work, and welcomes people of all genders, sexualities and relationship preferences.


Contact Kate for inquiries or to make a booking - 0420400179



Kate was born and raised on a farm just south of country town Ardrossan, South Australia. She moved to Adelaide at the beginning of her career working in pharmacy before discovering a passion in health, fitness and personal training.


Kate spent several years studying before making the transition into this new role and business of Personal Training and Fitness.


She began to develop her natural intuitive and healing ability after a near death experience at the age of 29. She continued her work as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach soon realizing the power of the work being channeled through her.


Her interests were naturally shifting from a somewhat rigid body/mind nature, and this lead her to practicing yoga, meditation and participating in personal growth and development programs with Landmark Worldwide. The liberation that came from this transition inspired further self-curiosity and spirit inquiry.


Kate has journeyed overseas on many occasions to work with various Shamans, Healers and Plant Spirits in Iquitos and Pucallpa, Peru, and Guatemala, Central America. Kate openly shares her story within this article - Healing and Expansion via Plant Medicines


Kate's connection with Ayahuasca and other Master Plants expands her being and continues to connect her with other practices and trainings. She has completed Sexual Shamanic Initiation Level I and II with ISTA, International School of Temple Arts, assisted Level I in Goa, India, has participated in Master Your Pleasure training with Elaine Young, the Shamanic Womb Journey with Janine Ma-Ree, and Certification with Institute of Somatic Sexology, Sexological Bodywork.


She has worked within various roles as a Sexological Bodyworker, Shaman/Curandera, Counsellor, Nutrition, Wellness and Life Coach, Writer, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Colour Therapist, and Personal Trainer.




- Certificate II & III Community Pharmacy – National Pharmacies

- Certificate IV Frontline Management – Anthony Stone Consultants

- Certificate IV Fitness & Personal Training – TAFE

- Certificate IV Nutrition & Food Coaching – College of Creative Design Arts

- Corrective Exercise Australia Workshops – Shoulder Function, Hip and Lower Limb Function, Rehab to Performance, Flexibility

- Pelvic Floor Workshop – Core Foundations

- Landmark Worldwide – The Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, Leadership Program, Communication Course

- Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (150 hours) – Jimmy Barkan

- Certified Hatha Yoga Level II Instructor (50 hours) – Jimmy Barkan

- Trained in Kundalini Yoga – Maestro Kartar and Devi

- Certified Yin Yoga Instructor – Duncan Peak

- Certified Reiki Level I, II, III and Master

- Completed Sexual Shamanic Initiation Level I & II – International School of Temple Arts

- Assisted Sexual Shamanic Initiation Level I - International School of Temple Arts

- Trained with Elaine Young - Master Your Pleasure

- Shamanic Womb Journey with Janine Ma-Ree

- Certified Sexological Bodyworker - Institute Somatic Sexology